Humble and Gracious

Vic Chesnutt Tribute album cover

A group of people from the Vic Chesnutt mailing list have decided to put together a tribute CD to Vic.

From the liner notes:
Hereís our humble attempt to do what Vic does so naturally. Thank you, Vic, for the stories, the rhetoric, the creativity, the esoterica, the humour, the declarations, the sarcasm and the humility. Our respect for Mr. Chesnutt has quintupled since making this little tribute.


The participants have earned a page to themselves. Check it out here.


Jonas - Replenished
Clarke - Hot Seat
Barbara - Where Were You
Bill - Duty Free
Anna - Mr. Rielly
Jon - Independence Day
Laura - Threads
Paul - Parade
Jon - Maiden
Sleepycheddr - Rabbit Box
Clarke - Tarragon
Bill - kick My Ass
Charles - Sponge
Paul -Blanket over the head
Ash - Guilty By Association


Jenny has finished the artwork! Sneak preview here if you're a mailing list member. If not you will have to wait and see its well worth waiting for!

Latest News

March 3rd 2004
Happy days, the CDs are ready and Jenny has already dispatched some, and people have begun receiving them. I cannot wait to receive mine. There are only a few copies left and at the moment there are no plans to print more so if you want one mail Jenny asap.
If you have ordered some and have not had an e-mail from Jenny, can you mail her as she is missing some e-mail addresses for people.


We have ordered a small quantity [1000] of professionally printed CDs. At the moment we have orders for almost 900. If you would like to order a copy please mail Jenny with details of your order. Only production + shipping will be charged for. Each CD costs $1.69 + postage. Please note that this is a non-profit venture. The focus is to raise awareness of Vic's music.

Please DO NOT sign up here if you have already ordered a copy through one of the mailing list members

Vic Chesnutt Tribute album cover

Media Coverage

Northwest Public Radio in the US have done interviews with Barbara, Anna, Clarke and Cheddarcat and did a feature on the project. Unfortunately it has been taken down from their site so if anyone has the transcript could they pass it on to me.

Vic's Reaction

Vic himself has heard about the project and says he is interested to hear the finished product.Here's what he said on Northwest Public Radio about it: "Itís kinda heavy really, for me to think about, people sitting around and thinking about me at all! Itís impossible really for me to get big headed like that cause I am so full of self loathing. Thereís been fan web pages for years that are really wonderful that I would go to from time to time to look at. Sometimes right before a show to get lyrics for one of my old songs that I couldnít remember. I thought, Ďoh I need to do this song tonight, but I donít remember the words,í so I would go to the fan page to get lyrics. But Iíve always made a point of avoiding contact with them because I thought I would spoil it for them, spoil it if they knew me personally."

Hassaw for the participants!

A big thank you to everyone involved especially to Anna for taking the time to co-ordinate everything, Jenny for the excellent artwork and for organising the printing and distribution of the cds and Barbara for all her good work promoting the cd. Thanks to Northwest Public Radio for their feature on the project. A big thanks to Matt for the re-mastering and finishing the cd and to Vic Chesnutt himself and Laura Claar at Bugmusic for allowing us to proceed with this project.


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