Vic Fan Tribute Album

A group of people from the mailing list have decided to put together a
tribute CD to Vic. Anna is co-ordinating everything.

Participants and Songs

Bill - Duty Free, Kick My Ass, When I Ran Off and Left Her
Sleepycheddr - Rabbit Box
Jon - Independence Day, Maiden
Daniel - Free of Hope
Barbara - Where Were You
Ash - Guilty By Association
Peter - Lucinda Williams
Clarke - Hot Seat,Tarragon
Jonas - Replenished
Stephanie - Stevie Smith
Anna - Mr. Rielly
Paul - Parade, (Maiden?)
Jenny - ?
Charles - Sponge
Laura - ?


Jenny is currently working on the art work. Sneak preview here.

The closing date

August 1st is the closing date for Anna to receive the finished songs from participants. Mail Anna privately for snail-mailing details. Anna


We will have a CDR tree and also the MP3s will be available on this site to download.
CDR Tree
Anna is the root. She will copy the tribute and post it onto our organisers. Each organiser will have a certain amount of people to send cds to - the branches. These branches in turn will send the CDR to each of the leaves. This is dependant on how many people are interested in receiving the CDR. I will have a form online in the next few weeks where you can sign up to be organiser/branch/leaf.

The basic rule is one CDR with tribute will be swapped for two blank CDRs or one CDR with recorded material. This is a barter system and at no point should money come into play. If we have an organiser from each region and branches from that region the postal costs shouldn't be too much for anyone.
Any suggestions, ideas, possible problems mail me at

Vic's Reaction

Vic himself has heard about the project and says he is interested to hear the
finished product.

Hassaw for the participants!

A big thank you to everyone involved especially to Anna for taking the time to co-ordinate everything.

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