Vic Chesnutt Discography

1990 Little Texas Hotel

Isadora Duncan, Danny Carlisle, Giupetto, Bakersfield, Mr. Reilly, Rabbit Box, Speed Racer,
Soft Picasso, Independance Day, Stevie Smith.

1991 West Of Rome Texas Hotel

West of Rome
Latent/Blatant, Bug, Withering, Sponge, Where Were You, Lucinda Williams, Florida,
Stupid Preoccupations, Panic Pure, Miss Mary, Steve Willoughby, West of Rome, Big Huge Valley, Soggy Tongues.

1993 Drunk Texas Hotel

Sleeping Man, Bourgeois and Biblical, One of Many, Supernatural, When i ran off and left her, Dodge, Gluefoot, Drunk, Naughty Fatalist, Super Tuesday, Kick My Ass.

1995 Is The Actor Happy? Texas Hotel

Is the Actor Happy?
Gravity of the Situation, Sad Peter Pan, Strange Language, Onion Soup, Doubting Woman, Wrong Piano, Free of Hope, Betty Lonely, Thailand, Guilty by Association.

1996 About To Choke Capitol/PLR

About to Choke
Myrtle, New Town, Ladle, Tarragon , Swelters, (It's No Secret) Satisfaction, Little Vacation, Degenerate, Hot Seat, Giant Sands, Threads, See You Around.

1998 The Salesman and Bernadette Capitol/PLR

The Salesman and Bernadette
Duty Free, Bernadette, Replenished, Maiden, Until the Led, Scratch, Scratch, Scratch, Mysterious Tunnel, Arthur Murray, Prick, Woodrow Wilson, Parade, Blanket over the Head, Square Room, Old Hotel.

2000 Merriment

Merriment, Fissle, A Feather at a Wall, Sunny Pasture
Preponderance, Mighty Monkey, DNA, You May not be Interested

2001 Left to his own devices Spinart Records

Deadline, Very Friendly Lighthouses, Fish, 12 Johnnies, Wounded Prince, We Should be so Brave, Cash, In Amongst the Millions, Hermitage, My Last Act, Distortion, Squeak, Look at Me

2003 Silver Lake New West Records

I'm Through, Stay Inside, Band Camp, Girl's Say, 2nd Floor, Styrofoam, Zippy Morocco, Sultan, So Mighty , Wren's Nest, Fa-La-La, In My Way, Yes

2005 Ghetto Bells New West Records

Virginia, Little Caesar, What do you mean?, Got to me, Ignorant People, Forthright, To be with you, Vesuvius, Rambunctious Cloud, The Garden, Gnats

2007 North Star Deserter Constellation Records

north star deserter cover art

Warm, Glossolalia, Everything I Say, Wallace Stevens, You Are Never Alone, Fodder On Her Wings, Splendid, Rustic City Fathers, Over, Debriefing, Marathon, Rattle

2009 At The Cut Constellation Records

at the cut cover art

Coward, When The Bottom Fell Out, Chinaberry Tree, Chain, We Hovered With Short Wings, Philip Guston, Concord Country Jubilee, Flirted With You All My Life, It Is What It Is, Granny

Unreleased Songs
Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today
The night the lights went out in Georgia

Brute - Vic Chesnutt with Widespread Panic:
1995 Brute: Nine High A Pallet Capricorn

Westport Ferry, Blight, Good Morning Mr. Hard on, I ain't Crazy Enough, Protein Drink/Sewing Machine, Let's Get Down To Business, George Wallace, PC, Snowblind, Miserable, Bastards in Bubbles, Cataclysm

2002 Brute: Cobalt Evangeline / Widespread Records

You Got It All Wrong, Expiration Day, Adirondacks, You're With Me Now, Scholarship, Cutty Sark, Morally Challenged, No Thanks To You, Puppy Sleeps, It Takes All Kinds, Cobalt Blue

Various Artists:
1996 Sweet Relief II: The Gravity Of The Situation Columbia
2004 Humble and Gracious: Fan tribute Unreleased

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